New Album "Hope Is Made Of Steel" - Coming September 2015

Our new album Hope Is Made Of Steel will be out September 25th. This record was made in Vancouver and Toronto with a number of gracious and talented people. We will share more leading up to the release date, but today please enjoy this title track.

Thanks to the good folks at Black Box and Xtra Mile for their faith in this album, and to our friends at Exclaim here in Canada for premiering the track which features an appearance by the very talented Hannah Georgas.

You can also follow along my new weekly Spotify "Hope Is Made Of Steel" Playlist. Each week I will pick a theme and create a new list of songs I'd like to share with you.

Thanks for listening and sharing in this experience with us. Sincerely, Matt Goud

Upcoming Tours:

Canada (October 14th-November 28th)

Europe (August 18th-September 5th)

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