I am writing on a clear warm day on route to Houston TX for tonight's show. We wrapped up our stop a SXSW and tonight marks the beginning of the seventh week of the Devour America Tour.

Since I last updated, we have completed Western Canada, the West Coast of the US and the mountain and desert regions of Nevada, Arizona,, Colorado and Utah. We have travelled from tough winter conditions to warm sun-kissed days trekking the hot concrete of downtown Austin. Personally, the last few weeks have been highlighted by our shows in Alberta, California and a special night in Denver, where some family of mine came down from Wyoming. Im finding that this tour is bringing together some really good people and I'm continually grateful for the chance to support Dave and meet all of you.

This week brings a new leg of the tour as we cruise over to Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida. Looking back on this tour, it is bizarre to imagine that we are nearing it's final weeks. The warm weather has been uplifting. It's been so long since I've seen these warm cities such as LA, Dallas and the like. The guys have switched to ice coffee but I have been keeping it real; only hot. Austin lived up to its reputation as a southern gem. Although it was a tough week in some ways, I was happy to see friends from home and follow around some of my favourite groups throughout the week. In the coming days we will be posting more Northcote videos, interviews, podcasts etc. and are starting to pull together a good idea of what may be in store for us for the next few months.

This new record and your support continue to bring new opportunities and keep me positive out here on the road. The uniqueness of this long North America tour is not lost on me, make sure to check dates and come down for a show if your city is up next. Do me a favour, grab a ticket, a Northcote record, send me a music tweet, or a baseball prediction. Here's to what's next.