I am writing from Los Angeles today. The guys are running around here in the city doing some press things and I am camped out with Jayke in a laundromat on sunset blvd. We are 20 days into the Minimum Overdrive tour and are heading up to Santa Barbara tonght for our second of four shows in california. It's exciting to reach the west coast. We began this tour in Detroit and played our way down to Orlando. Some of the highlights on the east side were Brooklyn, Orlando and Boston. After we hit Orlando we drove west through the south and all the way through the desert. I have truly enjoyed seeing everyone out on this unique tour and am looking forward to the last third of the tour. Austin, Jon and Jayke have been putting on great shows so far and I am happy to say that I have three new good brothers in music.

We have been busy working on new music but the main thing we are doing right now is getting out and playing shows, lots of shows!  Our Canadian tour with Twin Forks begins directly after this US run on November 4th and includes shows from Montreal all the way west to Vancouver. I'm looking forward to meeting up with the Northcote guys and making one last loop around in Canada, UK and Europe to celebrate our self titled record that came out 18 months ago. Lots has changed in those past months and Ive really enjoyed getting to go out and play these songs in so many new places. I am happy to announce another UK show - November 21st in Birmingham at Alife Birds, and I'm also happy to announce that Billy The Kid will be joining me for the UK dates as well. Grab your tickets for the UK shows HERE

Make sure to note the tour dates we have coming up and come celebrate with us. Take Care, Matt