Hi friends

I'm running around today taking care of the last few errands and packing up before heading down to the Asbury Lanes in New Jersey for the first show of the North American Devour tour with Dave Hause. This is the most extensive tour I've ever taken on for Northcote. I'm excited and anxious at the same time. There are many firsts for me on this tour - it will be the first shows for Northcote in the US and the first time at SXSW. The European run of the Devour tour was one of my favourite tours I've ever been a part of. Although I'm getting a bit older I am having just as much fun playing music as I did when I was in a junior high playing along wonderfully to Dookie and Nevermind.

At home, my family and I are settling in nicely to life in Ottawa. It's a bit colder for the pup compared to Victoria but we are really enjoying our new neighbourhood. I'm looking forward to the show here February 2nd at Mavericks. Let me know if you have any tips for living in Ottawa or any ideas of what we should get going here? I was thinking something like an open mic or a Northcote dance or swimming class? You got to face your fears. Shoot me some ideas on TWITTER.

We are working on a live performance video project (hat tip to MuchFACT, Dan Weston and Adrian Vieni at Wood & Wires) as well as filling up our tour schedule for 2014. I hope to return to Europe soon and continue playing this record across North America. I'll also have more information about my SXSW showcases in the coming weeks.

Many of you out West, particularly on the prairies, have been supporting me through these early years and I consider you to be some of my oldest friends. To everyone I am meeting for the first time, thank-you for your support and making Northcote a positive project. I am excited for the new cities, faces and experiences that lay ahead for us as I continue to find renewal, energy and comfort in this music.



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