A couple of weeks back I had a sleepless night. Sometime after midnight I was walking around our new neighbourhood looking at the condo buildings, trees and houses. I played the Florence and the Machine record a few times… the first track is "Ship To Wreck", a hit song that I really love. A few days later I drove down to Mike’s place in Victoria and we recorded a few takes of the songwe ended up doing a few other songs. "Ship To Wreck" is I guess, part one of a few of these that we will posting surrounding the upcoming Canadian Tour. We will be leaving town on the 30th on route to Edmonton for the first show June 1st at Brixx. Before then, I have a few more of these songs to share and some other update items. I will keep you in the loop.

I have been emailing a bit with Josiah and listening to Jordan’s new record Javelin and checking out the videos. The guys and I have had some good rehearsals in Victoria. I have been driving down once a week or so to jam and visit the guys. It’s going to be a change to do a Canadian Tour during warm weather. I remember the first cross Canada tour I went on after graduating High school. It was summer and we would slept in the van or beside the van in the grass. It’s been years since I have been on a Canadian tour and I could leave my winter boots at home. I am really looking forward to the trip across this time and to being at the shows. It will likely be one of the last tours for Hope is Made of Steel before its time to go away again and think about what is next. Now I have really gone on too long. More later. Have a good weekend out there.

Ticket links for all upcoming Hope Is Made Of Steel Tour shows in Canada with Jordan Klassen and Josiah are in the TOUR section. 

Best, Matt

Cover #1 - May 19th 2016
“Ship To Wreck” By Florence and The Machine
From How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful released May 29th, 2015 Island.
Recorded May 11th at Red Hot Recordings in Victoria B.C.
Engineered by Mike Battle