New Darkness

Fifteen is now full; no more takers, even if you wanted. The record is out and a few more zips across the continents are in the books. Time to start again.

Victoria is damp and dark now. January is quiet. The island will feel lonely now, but it's okay.

The Pacific Ocean is just two blocks from the basement apartment where my wife and I live. From there we can take a walk and look South to the Olympic National Park in Washington State and see the lights of Port Angeles. In the evening, it is one of the most peaceful things to see. I love how the lights meet us on the water, and how the moving ships on the horizon are hard to see at night. When I am away, I imagine the lights of Port Angeles across those 30 kilometres of water. Port Angeles is a wonderful and non-notable town- a green light.

I'm reflecting now before the flurry of more touring. I rented a spot this month, next to an auto glass shop in the industrial area of town, to work on new songs and to organize. I am here from 8:30 a.m. till early afternoon when I get back to the house to work on the rest of the jobs for the day: i) try to find and create more good work ii) try to get the Y iii) clean apartment, take care of bills iv) see my family and friends at night.

Its time to experiment and chase new light, or this time chase new darkness.

Now that we know one another its time to find something that we have not yet uncovered.

When I am home I am nearly always contemplating the time we share together out there on the road. I try and give a name and face to these experiences now that we are a handful of years into this journey. I try and sing about you.

The guys and I will get together this week to start rehearsing for the March tour. I am going into this year with the desire for our time together to be useful to you.

If you are at all like me you feel the loneliness and emptiness of these days. For that reason I don't know how we can be the same as we were before.

The year is going to chase us around. The new streets we walk will be filled with holes and trash, but we will make them our own.

We’ll meet up soon and I'll hear from you then.

Yours truly,


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