Just Another Face by Modern Baseball

The album Holy Ghost by Modern Baseball has been a go to for me this spring. I kept hearing about the band, but then got in deep after viewing their short documentary Tripping in the Dark. I have tried to record a studio version cover of Just Another Face twice now, and haven't got a take that I liked enough to share. Tonight, I just sang into the phone. I hope this can be a good tribute to the band, and can introduce some of you to their wonderful songs. 

Thanks for the music.

Looking back on the Hope Is Made of Steel Headline Tour

I couldn't have done it without you.

When I started Northcote, I wanted to use the example of some of my heroes and perform solo for a couple years until we were ready to add the big sound. During those first few years, many of us met and became friends. I’ve always enjoyed touring immensely. I enjoy the travel and meeting all the people at the shows. In my mind there is a very fine line between myself and the crowd at a show. I go to shows when I am home and subscribe to the belief that the community surrounding a scene, a specific act or album is truly important and powerful. I was over the moon when opportunities started to present themselves for us and when we started to get lots of work on the road. To me, its hard work, but it’s like a dream.

Hope is Made of Steel is ten months old and we have had the chance to tour with some fantastic acts and meet lots of new people. 

As we have progressed, we have had the chance to start bringing the Northcote band guys on most tours, including a few overseas. These shows have been so energetic and special. In the last couple of years I started getting the feeling that the next era of Northcote was going to be the Rock era. What I mean is, I wanted the band to be with me as much as possible. When we went in to start producing and actualizing HIMOS, the band sound was very exciting to me. I had a vision of new doors opening and having fun performing with the band. I wanted Northcote to go more mainstream. I feel so much potential when we get together at a Northcote show. I know that our shows are a good alternative and even if we aren't the most blistering in your face rock act in the world. I wanted to bring what we have to as many people as possible. I feel proud of the energy that we create together. I always will be proud.

HIMOS has opened new doors for us. We have started getting songs on the radio and getting paid a bit more for shows. All of those things are pretty important to our future, but not central. I learned from our headline tour in June that Northcote will always be a very personal act. It is really important that we are always reaching for the stars and experimenting while at same time keeping the heart of project most visible. I have been to every Northcote show and I believe in the energy and spirit that exists there. It is unique, fun and safe space and that has meaning to me. After the month long Canadian headline tour, it is obvious to me and all the NC guys that the CORE GROUP of friends and fans we have are the reason that we can keep going, and the reason why this act is important. I feel that together we have created a very unique environment in the music scene.

Soon we will be announcing fall tour dates, and I am at home now working on new material and different ideas. 

I want to thank you for your commitment to our work. I wholeheartedly invite you join us in any way you can/want in the future to be a crucial part of Northcote. You keep us going. Please feel free to contact me on the social media sites. Or by Email: mattgoud@gmail.com  I’m glad we are friends in music, Matt.

Check out a selection of photos and images we put together reflecting on the tour. Ontario, we will see you again in July!