Covers Series #4 / Home From Tour

Just Another Face by Modern Baseball

The album Holy Ghost by Modern Baseball has been a go to for me this spring. I kept hearing about the band, but then got in deep after viewing their short documentary Tripping in the Dark. I have tried to record a studio version cover of Just Another Face twice now, and haven't got a take that I liked enough to share. Tonight, I just sang into the phone. I hope this can be a good tribute to the band, and can introduce some of you to their wonderful songs. 

Thanks for the music.

Looking back on the Hope Is Made of Steel Headline Tour

I couldn't have done it without you.

When I started Northcote, I wanted to use the example of some of my heroes and perform solo for a couple years until we were ready to add the big sound. During those first few years, many of us met and became friends. I’ve always enjoyed touring immensely. I enjoy the travel and meeting all the people at the shows. In my mind there is a very fine line between myself and the crowd at a show. I go to shows when I am home and subscribe to the belief that the community surrounding a scene, a specific act or album is truly important and powerful. I was over the moon when opportunities started to present themselves for us and when we started to get lots of work on the road. To me, its hard work, but it’s like a dream.

Hope is Made of Steel is ten months old and we have had the chance to tour with some fantastic acts and meet lots of new people. 

As we have progressed, we have had the chance to start bringing the Northcote band guys on most tours, including a few overseas. These shows have been so energetic and special. In the last couple of years I started getting the feeling that the next era of Northcote was going to be the Rock era. What I mean is, I wanted the band to be with me as much as possible. When we went in to start producing and actualizing HIMOS, the band sound was very exciting to me. I had a vision of new doors opening and having fun performing with the band. I wanted Northcote to go more mainstream. I feel so much potential when we get together at a Northcote show. I know that our shows are a good alternative and even if we aren't the most blistering in your face rock act in the world. I wanted to bring what we have to as many people as possible. I feel proud of the energy that we create together. I always will be proud.

HIMOS has opened new doors for us. We have started getting songs on the radio and getting paid a bit more for shows. All of those things are pretty important to our future, but not central. I learned from our headline tour in June that Northcote will always be a very personal act. It is really important that we are always reaching for the stars and experimenting while at same time keeping the heart of project most visible. I have been to every Northcote show and I believe in the energy and spirit that exists there. It is unique, fun and safe space and that has meaning to me. After the month long Canadian headline tour, it is obvious to me and all the NC guys that the CORE GROUP of friends and fans we have are the reason that we can keep going, and the reason why this act is important. I feel that together we have created a very unique environment in the music scene.

Soon we will be announcing fall tour dates, and I am at home now working on new material and different ideas. 

I want to thank you for your commitment to our work. I wholeheartedly invite you join us in any way you can/want in the future to be a crucial part of Northcote. You keep us going. Please feel free to contact me on the social media sites. Or by Email:  I’m glad we are friends in music, Matt.

Check out a selection of photos and images we put together reflecting on the tour. Ontario, we will see you again in July!



Covers Series #3

We lived in Ottawa for eight months. I was rarely home for that. It was the busiest time.  

I can still feel the elation of those tours and the agony of anticipation and experiencing change. That whole year was like a drug. 

I remember breaking down after a show in Philadelphia. I did not yet have the maturity to deal. 

During the Ottawa year we lived above a great café and a ten minute walk over the bridge to a rehearsal spot where I wrote most of Hope Is Made Of Steel. I discovered the song One True Vine on a Mavis Staples record with the same title. There were many nights where I lied awake in bed listening to music and looking out the window of our one bedroom condo into the alley behind the café. 

A couple years have passed and the song reminds me of that alley, that café, the rehearsal spot, the bridge, and that time in life. 



Covers Series #2

I was mistaken for a UFC fighter.

Recently my wife and I drove up to a small cafe about 20 miles North of Downtown Nanaimo. We sat in the booth by the window and a man created breakfast music loops on an stratocaster. There was a gentleman chatting with the staff and he was obviously local and a friend of the cafe. He noticed me and mistakenly took me for a fighter named Zane. 

Are you fighting in Vancouver? Are the other guys hereIt’s nice that you can get some time off to relax.”

He asked me about my nemesis X, whose name I do not remember. The man bustled around the restaurant looking for a pen and paper.

I signed the napkin.

To, Gentleman. Don’t take shit from X. Don't take shit from anyone.

That was my day as a UFC fighter in Parksville, B.C. 

This song was Frank’s opener on the tour that I supported him on earlier in the year. If you have seen the music video you know that Frank has taken on a famous fighter. 

Thanks to Frank for this song.


“The Next Storm” By Frank Turner
From Positive Songs For Negative People released August 7th, 2015 via Xtra Mile/Polydor.
Recorded May 11th at Red Hot Recordings in Victoria B.C.
Engineered by Mike Battle



Covers Series #1

A couple of weeks back I had a sleepless night. Sometime after midnight I was walking around our new neighbourhood looking at the condo buildings, trees and houses. I played the Florence and the Machine record a few times… the first track is "Ship To Wreck", a hit song that I really love. A few days later I drove down to Mike’s place in Victoria and we recorded a few takes of the songwe ended up doing a few other songs. "Ship To Wreck" is I guess, part one of a few of these that we will posting surrounding the upcoming Canadian Tour. We will be leaving town on the 30th on route to Edmonton for the first show June 1st at Brixx. Before then, I have a few more of these songs to share and some other update items. I will keep you in the loop.

I have been emailing a bit with Josiah and listening to Jordan’s new record Javelin and checking out the videos. The guys and I have had some good rehearsals in Victoria. I have been driving down once a week or so to jam and visit the guys. It’s going to be a change to do a Canadian Tour during warm weather. I remember the first cross Canada tour I went on after graduating High school. It was summer and we would slept in the van or beside the van in the grass. It’s been years since I have been on a Canadian tour and I could leave my winter boots at home. I am really looking forward to the trip across this time and to being at the shows. It will likely be one of the last tours for Hope is Made of Steel before its time to go away again and think about what is next. Now I have really gone on too long. More later. Have a good weekend out there.

Ticket links for all upcoming Hope Is Made Of Steel Tour shows in Canada with Jordan Klassen and Josiah are in the TOUR section. 

Best, Matt

Cover #1 - May 19th 2016
“Ship To Wreck” By Florence and The Machine
From How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful released May 29th, 2015 Island.
Recorded May 11th at Red Hot Recordings in Victoria B.C.
Engineered by Mike Battle




Feral Cats, Selling Out, Poetry, Acting Cool, and Conversations with Frank.

The MGM Restaurant is located at 240 Nicol Street in Nanaimo. South of here is a neighbourhood called Harwood that leads East to the water and West up to the hills towards the centre of the Island. From MGM you see the creeky houses of the old town. Driving south from here is a series of traffic-light small towns and eventually the South Coast of the Island 110 kilometres later. It is a tedious drive but one of the most scenic that I have experienced. This evening, I am working on a half dozen cups of coffee looking up and down at the pattern of the carpet and the dinted ceiling tiles at the MGM. Here is a list of upcoming events at the Restaurant according the to

  • 50s Rock n Roll night with ‘The Doctors of Rock n Roll’
  • Chess night
  • Spanish lessons
  • Dance Night

Today is my first visit to MGM. From my table I see a disco ball hanging at the far end of the large dining room. My best guess at the length of the room is 120 feet. The website boasts "Air Conditioning and enough seats for 175 people." The dance floor is hardwood with two lighting rigs hung for prime time. Just beyond the disco ball is a television playing a curling match. It is 5:49pm local time.

April and May will be quiet here in Nanaimo. We have settled well. The weather is getting warmer and I am looking forward to doing some work and to summer nights in our new neighbourhood. I have a solo show in Nanaimo on April 21st at the Queens and will be working on upcoming tours, planning for a couple summer festivals and working on some writing projects. This past week I registered for courses in Modern Canadian Literature and Social Psychology in continuation towards a post secondary degree.  Over the past few years I have been taking correspondence college courses in between everything else. Soon it will be ten years since I dropped out of college the first time to get the in the van with my friends to travel and play music. I am still very much enjoying touring and working on music, but lately I have been trying to loosen my grip. I get obsessed and it starts to have adverse effects. I wake up thinking about new songs. I think about new ideas over the first coffee of the day. I think about songs when we have friends over for dinner. There is a point when it becomes more neurotic than natural. Over the coming months I am hoping to deepen other creative pools. More exercise, volunteering, some manual labour and the college courses. I am hoping this will be good medicine alongside my next work for Northcote.

The following Journal is a series of quick stories from the last block of touring and from our first couple months of time living in Nanaimo.

PS - If you are in the area, contact me and we can meet at MGM. 


I was behind the stage in the kitchen area, at the club just off Water Street downtown Kelowna. From blocks away you can see the club; it identifies itself with a giant F. The sign features painted stripes and lightbulbs that hug the letter. I was telling stories about old friends who are still coming out to the shows many years in to my journey-slash-career. First the hardcore, now the singer songwriter. I was asking Frank Turner if he had any insecurities about living up to the expectations of friends and loved ones. The conversation began timidly and ended with backbone.  

We spoke about how the story is more communal than stand alone. Think less monologue. Even though Frank is only four or five years my senior, I look up to him immensely. He reminded me of the groups of people who have gone before us. Singers, storytellers, entertainers. They were the ones who maintained the community for us to join. The more I think of the communal story we share in music the more that any cynicism I may be carrying melts away. It is the type of pride that doesn't come from your own efforts but from being part of a tradition and a community to be proud of.

…All the things I've seen behind these tattered seams

…All the upturned faces with the lamplight in their eyes

And each imperfect turn flickers as it burns

Only lasts a moment but for me they'll never die

Acting Cool.

In July of 2013 I had the opportunity to open for Frank and The Sleeping Souls at Lee’s Palace as part of the Toronto Urban Roots Festival. I was in the city opening a couple shows for the festival and snuck on to the show with Frank last minute thanks to some crushing indie rock prayer time. I remember a feeling of guilt hanging over me that week as I had to miss a friends wedding to make the show, but it was an opportunity I couldn't miss. I didn't set the world on fire that night but looking back it was a very important show for me. I met Frank's agent and the owner of Xtra Mile, the label to which I would sign shortly after. It was Dave Hause and Xtra Mile that opened up the doors to touring outside of Canada. When I arrived to Lee’s that night I was nervous to see Frank. In 2010, near the beginning of Northcote, I had opened for Frank at the Media Club in Vancouver while he was touring Poetry of the Deed. Frank was one of the artists that I had emulated early on, and still do in many ways to this day. I went into the night at Lee’s trying to play it cool - give some pace. Act like you've been there before - which I really had not.

Frank was immediately gracious and complimented the self-titled record that I had put out earlier in the year. I couldn't believe that he had heard it and to my embarrassment I shrugged off the compliment. I stood beside him like a rounded fencepost while we watched his crew set up the stage. Then he told me how psyched he was that he got to see one of his favourite bands for the first time the previous night. In describing the show he was animated and full of energy. He got to introduce the band, sing with them and how he watched the entire show from the front row. He showed me his tattoos with the bands lyrics. He stayed up all night flying around Toronto at house parties to let the buzz of the night wear off. I didn't really ask him about his favourite record by the band, or if he had a favourite song. I was playing it cool. I was chill. The truth is that particular band is one of my favourites and I had listened to them for about two years straight cruising around Regina, Saskatchewan from 2008-10. I didn't mention that the record that got me into them was Boys and Girls… and that I was obsessed with bands with a Minneapolis sound.

All that to say: playing it cool and being chill is boring. Some advise to myself: When you are psyched, be psyched! Let it show. Pursue the energy. 

For me, being out on the road can get tiring and will numb your brain. Once you are far into your work don't forget those aspects of it that you love. Keep inventing. Keep the conversation going. Stay at the heart. If you are psyched, try not to play it cool. 

I was half dead then I got born again

I got lost in all the lights but it was okay in the end

And when we hit the twin cities, I didn't know that much about it

I knew Mary Tyler Moore and I knew Profane Existence

Sold Out. 

Late last year we supported one of Canada’s hottest rock bands on their National tour. They were wrapping up a successful record with a long tour and I know there were tons of groups who would have killed for the job. It was an honour to be asked to do it. 

The tour included a number of back to back nights in cities, that were added after advance tickets for the first night had sold out. One of those back-to-backs was in Red Deer.

After night two in Red Deer I was sharing stories behind the club with a gentlemen I had met at the end of the night. I was enjoying being educated on local points like the oil patch, the job landscape, and what it was like to live in Sylvan Lake. We quickly found out that we had some acquaintances in common. This type of conversation is not uncommon on a Canadian tour, or anywhere for that matter. 

The night was well over, the club was closing down and gear was being loaded out around us. During our conversation a few people would stop in to say hi and talk about the show or anything else. ‘Why didn't you guys play Battle?’ (a song I despise and have never played live). At this point in my journey-slash-career, I really enjoy these little talks. 

While the next group was walking by a gentleman yelled to me, “Matt, a friend of mine wanted to tell you that you sold out”.  I gave a thank you wave and the group walked away laughing. 

I don’t really take personally what the gentlemen had to say, I know it was good humoured. It remind me however, I am now thirty and in many ways just begun, but jesus the road can make you feel old fast.

Two Feral Cats.

Two feral cats are circling our house these days. At the moment I am making plans to start feeding them. What do I buy? We had a cat growing up when we lived in town. He was called Glitter and we found him in the back alley near the greenhouse. Glitter was king. When we moved out of town there were groups of cats that lived out in and around the Barn and Quonset. Those types of places come with cats. 

There is one on our street now that intimidates the dogs. I found one of our dogs shaking and crying watching that cat out of the front window. A short time later the dog was face down on the hardwood sleeping. Must have forgot the imminent threat. The other cat that is around is approximately horse-sized with a mystical white coat. She reminds me of the giant flying dog from the children stories growing up. It wouldn't surprise me if I saw this cat flying.  Another legend of the Island. 

I tried playing Squash.

It sounds like it does when you are swimming in a hotel pool. The tiny ball smacks the wall, the shoes shriek, the racket whacks, and the fans fan. You should not make small talk on the squash court. At the club there is a thirty-day trial membership offered to the unwashed; I have signed up. If you choose to join you receive a hotel key card which grants twenty-four hour access through the side door. You can visit the gym, watch hockey at the bar television or play squash then wash up. It reminds me of a Curling Club but its more cult-ish The entrance is a steel door that disappears into a sidewall of a grey office building. The parking lot is on a bizarre forty-five degree embankment. I am learning that much of the downtown is on the side of a hill. To the east there is a cliff that looks over to Vancouver, westward is Benson and the cabins, mansions and suburbs in it’s shadow. Downtown Nanaimo is like a V.  I have attached a diagram rendering of the club in the photo section. 10 days and counting.

Reading List (with brief comment).

"Status Anxiety" by Alain De Botton 

"How Proust Can Change Your Lifeby Alain De Botton 

I discovered this writer on a podcast recommended to me by my brother Eric the Awful. 

“We always lack more than we have….

there are always more people who don't invite us than people who do.”

 What could be salvation from status anxiety?…


 "Aimless Love"  - Billy Collins


There were about five years where I wanted more James Brown - something ready in the blood and in the body. “happiness is good for the body, grief strengthens the mind”. 

Early into this year I am turning back to poetry. I love reading the words for the first time. I love the new songs in that familiar style. The details can give you five hundred things to think about, or just one. Collins is a good one to get back in. A little bit posh and a little bit grunge, I can quickly see the pictures. 

Other poets I read recently: Anne Sexton (Nov/Dec), Fernando Pessoa (Jan)

I like to carry one around with me just in case. It’s like carrying around wine in a 7-Up bottle. 

Songs recommended to me / recently discovered:

Songs Quoted

  • The Hold Steady - Stevie Nix
  • Frank Turner - Balthazar Impressario

I will keep these journals until I need to focus on other work. 

This is really embarrassing and mostly dumb - but I thought it was fun for a minute: Three Final Notes

Why I have retweeted a negative review:

  • Thankful for the mention 
  • I need someone to not like the stuff
  • A bad review reminds me of an ongoing debate I am having with my brother regarding AirB&B
  • Looking for a reason to smash a guitar or more likely a harmonica. Is smashing a harmonica exciting? I don't think so.
  • My chance to be a wise-ass
  • The real answer is: I don't know

There is an Australian band called Northlane - the song ‘Rot’ is really heavy and aggressive. The music video is a slow motion city where everything is connected by a yellow thread.

Northlane and Northcote supporting Matthew Good at the MGM on Nicol in Nanaimo. The Doctors of Rock n Roll. 

I am wishing you the very best.

- Matt



Die Twice

Part One: Two Days (in Thunder Bay)

I once saw two gentlemen loading large equipment into a box truck that was parked in the loading zone at the Regina International Airport. There were three words emblazoned on each piece of equipment: Great Big Sea.

This weekend I experienced a tipping point, a music biz badge of honour; I did a fly in show to Thunder Bay Ontario - 10+ hours from most places of note here in Canada. Sure, it was somewhat out of necessity given the nature of the tour: i) a rental car would have been a huge cost and a general nightmare ii) I was travelling with only my guitar tech case, and hockey bag of LPs and t-shirts (just shy of needing a box truck): but it happened! And that is that. Take note Great Big Sea! (Call me)

As it turns out, we had a great night with an incredible crowd, and I would hope to do it again.

We have done fly in shows before, but never to a place quite like Thunder Bay. It was a new experience and that is the aspect of this experience that never gets old to me.  

New scenery. New faces and settings. New humour. New stories.

Multiple first impressions:

I remember at the beginning of performing as Northcote, the goal was to travel to places and share my music. At the start there isn't much that dilutes that goal. 'Get me out of this town, get me out of the graveyard shift at the south Shell station and get me to a show.' I have been very encouraged to observe that even an artist as accomplished as Frank still values that original goal many of us share when we start playing music. Example; getting a New Brunswick tattoo and flying to Thunder Bay (a bit off the beaten path) for one show. There are many musicians I have met that view touring as a type of scavenger hunt - Thunder Bay Airport coffee - CHECK.

At the time of writing this there is a woman next to me on the plane headed to a birthday party in Winnipeg. She sees my ring and asks me if we have kids... "I couldn't god-damn fucking imagine having kids in my thirties. I had so much more energy for mine in my 20s." She's pretty funny and equally drunk. And a psych nurse. She tells me that she was in labour for four hours with her daughter and about the time she fired a 300 lb man because he kept showing up to work under the weather. She likes to start every sentence with 'not gonna lie....' I like her. 

List of things I did in Thunder Bay:

  1. Coffee from Espresso Joes 
  2. Played the show (CHECK), met some cool people. Had a great time! 
  3. Saw Library Voices perform (first band to ever take me on tour)
  4. Worked on 2 songs with Nick Sherman
  5. Had dinner at Growing Season (vegan) and Dominos (not)
  6. Went swimming at the Travelodge. (Obscene tour trick/belief: getting into the hotel pool after some stretching and a few sit-ups rejuvenates a tired tour body to 100% as if I was bathing in ancient mineral waters of the Black Forest. In reality, I throw on shorts that closely resemble swim attire and try and do a few laps until the birthday party shows up, and it is my time to exit the pool.) 
  7. 30 minute Walk from downtown to Travelodge
  8. 45 minute walk to and from an RBC 
  9. Watched 2hrs of the new Netflix tv series 'Love'
  10. Paid the dog walker
  11. Wrote out this TS Elliot poem in my journal. 
  12. Wrote this note to myself - "Worst: a smart ass who doesn't help.  Best: someone who cares who isn't stuck on a cloud". 
  13. **The rest I don't remember or don't find interesting right now.

PS - for those reading perhaps in Europe or Kitsilano who don't know about Great Big Sea: Here is their biggest hit, "Ordinary Day".

Part 2: The Secret, the Personal. (die twice)

'Aren't you tired of towing the line? Doing time; with no one to look up to.'

Your intimate experiences and the traits that you have picked up along the way are your power. No one knows the world like you do and can tell it like it is - the way that you can. 

There are things about ourselves that we have decided could never be interesting or helpful to anyone else, but I believe those are the most important things about us.  

When we express our Secret and Personal - it is the light of world. 

My best friend used to say: 'Matt, just level with me'. I was often trying to be perfect, interesting, with depth, when in reality I was being a big nothing. No one likes a walking breathing infomercial for the big nothing. 

These days, I am still learning to level with others. We need our work to have a spirit of openness and rebellion. I'm not talking about trashing hotel rooms or prime ministers, but rather trashing the big nothing - Matt, level with me. We all need someone real, someone tangible that is here with us, who has walked these same streets. 

***The big nothing is useful to no one in the end***

Death happens. 

Relationships, business endeavours, education etc etc, won't always end like a fairy tale. But if we can level and avoid the big nothing we can survive almost anything. 

I am as guilty as anyone.

In my work there have been times when I have been disingenuous. I never meant to: but I lied. We can deal with failure when We are being sincere, but failure when we are being disingenuous is like dying twice. Here are some ways it may play out for us....

#1 Be the big nothing and succeed = one death 

#2 Be the big nothing and fail = two deaths 

#3 Level with me and fail = one death. Best scenario

#4 Level with me and succeed = Best scenario 

Loosing is never a catastrophe until you lose yourself in the process. I also know what it's like to want to run and hide. There is a feeling of safety in the big nothing until you die twice. 

Matt, Level with me.

*I stole most of this from David Lynch's 'Catching the Big Fish'

Goals for the week:

  • communicate with tour mates, Ian/manager, be organized, prepared
  • Be present on and off stage. Ask questions. 
  • Get away to write in journal. Each day at lunch. 
  • sleep a bit more;) have fun more. Laugh at dumb things: like songs about whales and French fries

Favourite song this week: "I Am Disappeared" - Frank Turner

My cover of Strand of Oaks  'Plymouth'



Let me know what you think of these journals, shoot me a tweet @northcotemusic 



The Cut-Ins

Early in 2014 I was on a tour across the US and about two-thirds into the tour we had a stop at South by Southwest in Austin. I was tired from the tough schedule and it was a good time to take a break. My tour partner played his show at the festival and went home for a few days and I stayed back to play a couple sets of my own and kill some time. My manager had flown in from Toronto to take meetings related to his roster of artists at the festival; I wanted to save some dough so I crashed in the living room of his Air B&B.     

You probably do this too: I get on these kicks where I am focused on something for three or four days. Before our stop at SXSW I was on focused on ACDC. I downloaded all the documentaries I could find about the group and watched them on an ipad while we were in the van. In my notebook I wrote out the bands discography, the producers they had worked with and the coinciding years that each album was released. A little while before Austin, in either Charlotte or Birmingham I don’t remember, I bought myself a large black ACDC Tshirt from Target. Just like the one on Beavis and Butthead. I think we had stopped at a Target because they have good coffee. I was loopy from the long tour, however I had the new rock T and a floor to crash on in Texas for a half a week.

The festival had me scheduled to play two sets. The first was in a hotel lobby bar. I did my own sound check and started on time according to the brochure. There were some friends and fans in the lobby and we got to hang out a bit later on, but the gig was primarily for the bellman and bartender. The lobby was more like a courtyard. The room went from floor to ceiling, and by ceiling I mean the entire height of the hotel. While I was singing I remember feeling self-conscience about reviews from the 14th floor. - ‘Cavernous with emotional strumming’

The second set I played was across town from the Air B&B in a conference room located in the basement of a Hilton along the interstate. I got to have lunch with three members of Social Distortion. I didn’t wear my ACDC shirt.

The last night we were in Austin I came home early and was researching for my next kick. No more high voltage. I stumbled on a film called ‘A Man Within’ about the artist William Burroughs. I didn’t sleep entirely well that night. There are many aspects to his life and work that are riveting, but something made an impression on me: the Cut-Ups. This is a method which he popularized, where a set text is cut and rearranged to form new text. Same words - alternate reality. The Cut-Ups is also a film written and stared-in by Burroughs (1966) and there is plenty of cultural significance surrounding the method - check it out on Wikipedia or YouTube.

The disorientation you experience in the Cut-Ups is attractive to me. Cut Ups make you feel without implicit meaning. Disrupting the text and train of thought can give clues to something closer to the truth. Disorientation and Rearrangingare words and themes that make sense to me.

My wife and I recently moved up Island about 65 miles from our apartment on St. Charles Street in Victoria. The move took about four months of consideration and was executed in less than a week. We both took time off from work to focus on setting up our new space in Nanaimo. We signed a rental agreement and decided the first task would be to paint the entire main floor of the place. We rolled and rolled. we cut-in, we rolled and we cut-in. Along with other tasks, I think that I was painting for the better part of six days. As I type this I can taste primer in my coffee. Another move, another challenge.  

I think of those plans, dreams and hopes: Cut em up, cut-in: see what happens then.

Think of those things that define you, or butter-your-bread: Have you cut ‘em all up? Some of them can be harder to talk about then others. 

A few observations made while painting:

  • Hey Rosetta! is my wife's favourite band, and has been since we started dating. She played the album Seeds thirty four times
  • The tape keeps off the paint, but in an old house the tape tears off the paint. Just a heads up.
  • Someone drew a heart on the kitchen table with pencil and it was here when we showed up.
  • Barefoot, socks, or shoes: Choose based on your own comfort. I stepped in a lot of paint.

Most Played Songs of January While Working at the Writing Space In Victoria:

  • The Wall - Bruce Springsteen
  • Highway Patrol Stun Gun - Youth Lagoon (my cover here)
  • Ode - Nils Frahm
  • Used Cars - Bruce Springsteen
  • Glutton for Distance - Worriers
  • Oh Donna - Library Voices
  • Sometimes - Sam Russo
  • Jane, I still feel the same - Matthew Ryan
  • Irrelevant - Matthew Ryan
  • Boxer - Matthew Ryan 

I had a rough bout with the winter blues in January. I’ve never been to a doctor or any type of counsellor yet, but I think I know now when it’s about to happen and I know that it's not that uncommon. Going to the Y each morning after morning tasks around the house appears to be best medicine. Starting the day at the Y lets me blast any dreadful energy out of my head before it takes over the day. Its frustrating having a type of seasonal depression, I couldn't imagine having it all the time. You have to keep working on that puzzle. 

  • Take the Bread and the Hen across the river
  • Bring the Bread back with you
  • Bring the Fox and the Bread across the river
  • Leave the Fox and Bread on the bank. Take the Hen across the river...

You catch my drift?

Movies and Movie Month: known as - Popcorn Time / Theatre Style. 

In the past twelve months, I only remember seeing one movie in the theatres. I like going to them, just on a cold streak. We saw "The Martian" in Nova Scotia while we were broken down on tour, but I don't remember any others. This past January I was working from 9am-2pm each day and spent the afternoons and evenings preparing for tour and for the move up Island. Going to the movies really helped relieve some stress and take my mind off logistical stresses and questions that could wait. This is a list of the three movies I saw in January with a thought:

"Spotlight" - This was my favourite of the three. Think of any pain, sadness and anger you experience… this movie gives you a place to direct it. I believe it is called righteous indignation. Growing up I always wanted to be some kind of broadcaster, journalist or minister.

"The Big Short" - I’m not a film buff but I declare that this movie had wonderful acting. An important question: is the crowd always right? Arguments ad populum: '50 million Elvis fans can't be wrong'. For me the film is a good warning not to be fooled, and that going with the flow doesn't necessarily lead anywhere good.

"Revenant" - I have already auditioned for the sequel, which I posted on my Instagram feed.

Attached are some photos and a video of my January journal. I will try and write more before heading out on the Canadian tour February 18th, but we will just see where the next couple weeks take us. 

Please contact me if you want to talk about anything. The best way is probably on Twitter but I also read and respond to messages on the Northcote Facebook Inbox. 

Sincere best to you.

Matt Goud

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New Darkness

New Darkness

Fifteen is now full; no more takers, even if you wanted. The record is out and a few more zips across the continents are in the books. Time to start again.

Victoria is damp and dark now. January is quiet. The island will feel lonely now, but it's okay.

The Pacific Ocean is just two blocks from the basement apartment where my wife and I live. From there we can take a walk and look South to the Olympic National Park in Washington State and see the lights of Port Angeles. In the evening, it is one of the most peaceful things to see. I love how the lights meet us on the water, and how the moving ships on the horizon are hard to see at night. When I am away, I imagine the lights of Port Angeles across those 30 kilometres of water. Port Angeles is a wonderful and non-notable town- a green light.

I'm reflecting now before the flurry of more touring. I rented a spot this month, next to an auto glass shop in the industrial area of town, to work on new songs and to organize. I am here from 8:30 a.m. till early afternoon when I get back to the house to work on the rest of the jobs for the day: i) try to find and create more good work ii) try to get the Y iii) clean apartment, take care of bills iv) see my family and friends at night.

Its time to experiment and chase new light, or this time chase new darkness.

Now that we know one another its time to find something that we have not yet uncovered.

When I am home I am nearly always contemplating the time we share together out there on the road. I try and give a name and face to these experiences now that we are a handful of years into this journey. I try and sing about you.

The guys and I will get together this week to start rehearsing for the March tour. I am going into this year with the desire for our time together to be useful to you.

If you are at all like me you feel the loneliness and emptiness of these days. For that reason I don't know how we can be the same as we were before.

The year is going to chase us around. The new streets we walk will be filled with holes and trash, but we will make them our own.

We’ll meet up soon and I'll hear from you then.

Yours truly,


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